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Ranked WZ is one of the most hardcore gameplay in SWTOR, only second to 16-man NM ops, or maybe even on par with it. It requires 8 players to form an ops group to que, just like 8-man ops PvE. But it is vastly more difficult and hardcore than 8 man ops PvE because:

1. In PvE, tactics stay the same for most part for each programed boss. In RWZ, Tactics vary in a moment’s notice depending on the opponent’s group composition and tactics.

2. In PvE, progression can be seen by how far the group brings the boss’ HP down to. In RWZ, a group may be improving, but can still be not good enough to compete, making progression difficult to measure.

3. In PvE, gear progression is gradual and its effect can be measured on performance in each boss fight. In RWZ, if a player is not decked out (Min/Max), then he/she can’t compete. Even then, it is difficult to measure gear progression.

4. In PvE, all classes and specs can participate and reach a good effectiveness to make progression. In RWZ, only a few selective “OP” classes and specs participate (bubble stunners, op healers, smashers, pyrotechs … etc.), or else the group can’t compete effectively and it is difficult to measure other classes and specs effectiveness.

5. This ties back to the above four. In PvE, progression can be seen and measured. In RWZ, a group may be making progress and still lose badly to a top group, making the experience frustrating and discouraging.

This is a comparison to show how difficult and hardcore RWZ is in the spectrum of all of SWTOR gameplay contents. On the scale of 1 – 100 with 1 being most casual and easiest and 100 being most hardcore and difficult, RWZ is definitely a 100. Because of this, only a few selected hardcore players have the time, effort, determination, and tenacity to take on the RWZ challenge. I dare to say less than 50 players, out of thousands, on each server would do RWZ consistently, and less than 100 players on each server would do RWZ occasionally. Surely even BW realize this with its metrics, which is why we have been on RWZ pre-season for almost a year and season 1 still has not started.

Without going into complicated topics like class balance, which is an entire topic on its own, here is what I am proposing for improve RWZ participation:

1. Make WZ and RWZ cross server to increase player pool. Although, BW doesn’t seem to like this idea because it kills the “community.”

2. Make RWZ 4-man que only, as oppose to 8-man. Yes, it would suck if a good group is stuck in a game with a bad group. However, this can also happen to the opposing team. What I am betting on is that over time, the good groups will get better ratings and pull ahead of the bad groups, and eventually the good groups will be teamed up and matched against each other base on ratings, and the bad groups will be teamed up and matched against each other base on ratings. Group ratings should be the average of all players’ ratings in the group.

I believe 2 is the best short term solution. Lowering the group limit from 8 to 4 will make it easier for less hardcore players to form groups to participate, and therefore increases participation in RWZ. In WoW, 2-man arena has more participation than 3-man, which has more than 5-man. Less people requirement makes it easier to participate; 8-man is just too much of a requirement for most players for PvP.