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02.07.2013 , 09:26 AM | #5
Yeah i'm all for new interesting utility skills, but I'm pretty sure the game has ENOUGH jumps, leaps and pulls.

But let me contribute to this thread by throwing an idea i just made up:
-- "TRACER LOCK" Skill for Commando DPS (armor pierce cell or Plasma Cell) gets a red beam that they can shoot at friendly players with "Hammer Shot" (like the commando healer green beam) that puts a defensive shield around the friendly while they are continually hitting them with it, that lowers damage taken by 20% and increases healing received by 20% (this can NOT stack with multiple commandos spamming this ability on 1 target) .

-- "TELEPORT PROBE" Scoundrel Ability. Allows the scoundrel to teleport to a given location within 30m. Has a long cooldown, and must be channeled for 3.0sec before teleport is completed.
Actually forget this "teleport probe" ability, I just realized it would make datacron hunting and open world objectives too lulzy. But ill leave it there for the funny conversations in this thread later.

Ok so lets make a new scoundrel ability. Hmm:
DECOY PROBE: Produces a holographic image of the smuggler anywhere the smuggler wishes with in 15m range that lasts for 30sec. This has a long cooldown. The smuggler takes 25% less damage if he stays within 10m of the decoy probe, and this holographic decoy is able to be lept to and pulled away. The decoy probe also has resolve. If you stun the probe to full resolve, it is destroyed.

I dunno, hows that? those are the only ideas i have at the moment. Im still finishing my coffee.
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