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Here's the thing: You are going to get good premades with good team compositions on any PvP server. The nice thing about Pot5 is that RELATIVE TO OVERALL POPULATION, we have a good premade balance.

I am a bit of a data nut, so I keep track of my warzones and a few associated metrics in a spreadshet. One of those is premade to pug ratio. As a good general ratio, about 65-70% of all games will have a premade on either side. 30-35% will just be more or less pure pug (or maybe have a premade of purely unguilded players).

Of those premade games, You see a pretty solid 2 to 3 ratio of Pub to Imp premades. That is, for every 3 games with an Imp premade, you will also have 2 games with a Pub premade. Although Imps have more premades than Pubs, the Imp premades also have a lower overall win rate at about 60%. Pub premades, on the other hand, tend to win about 70% of their games.

Of course, having a premade of your own against a premade on the other faction helps out a lot. When Imp and Pub premades collide, you see a pretty consistent 50/50 win/loss ratio. When pugs and premades collide, you naturally see a major uphill battle; only about 25% of pure pug teams are going to pull out a win against their premade enemies.

These are all rough estimates, but they get the idea across. Sample size is statistically small (n = 100), but quite large relative to other “analyses” done in this game; I am used to seeing a lot of n=10 or n=20. Also, “sampling” is totally misleading because there is nothing random about WZ wins and losses; I am a consistent player on my own team, although I have excluded those games where I deliberately queue up with my guild to not skew the premade ratio.
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