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Most utility skills seem to be available to 2 AC's. Stealth, knockback, charge, force speed, offensive pull.

However 2 of the most useful hutball skills are only available to 1 AC each and those classes are over represented as a result. There are 2 classes that are under represented, maybe the following changes woudl help even that out and really help some stuggling classes.

New commando skill-
"Stand back Maam"
Pulls the friendly target to youself intercepting the next attack.

New scoundrel (maybe scrapper specific, to avoid OP healers) skill-
"Argghhh save me"
Leaps to a freindly target, making them eat the next attack against you.

I figure now is the time to get some different ideas out there for the devs.

Would those 2 skils make thiose classes more appealing in hutball and rated PVP in general?
Would not be balanced for the scoundrel, he is a stealther dps. Do not compare utility to assasin's, the class is clearly OP regarding utility. That doesn't mean that the scoundrel needs to be just as OP as them. After you give the scoundrel a leap are you going to give PT's and Mara's a perma stealth? Well damn but if they can perma stealth shouldn't everyone be able to perma stealth?

As for the pull on the merc, I couldn't argue that but I don't think it is huttball specific. I just think that skill would help balance the merc as a whole.
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