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First off I have to tell you that you can remove half your memory as the version of windows 7 you have cannot use more then 4mb of Ram. this why it reports Available OS Memory: 3064MB RAM

Details of all windows releases and ram limits is below

Now the error you are getting is unusual for swtor to say the least.

From your Diag, you know you have 2 active sound cards ? Realtek and sound blaster , conflict maybe a possibility.

In the first instance can you do a clean boot and see if this crash still occurs
The most common cause of the "memory could not be read error" is normally another program interferring.
programs like mumble as an example have done this in the past.

It is worthwhile doing a chkdsk c: /f and a sfc /scannow with a command prompt as administrator.
if errors are found swap your memory sticks around you have an un-used set in there already
Yeah, I got that much memory because I am about to upgrade to a 64-bit system (once I get all my watercooling gear setup).

Is that what the Realtek thing is? I see it all the time in my system tray, but I only have a Sound Blaster card installed. At least I think it is Sound was a small sound card that came with my motherboard when I bought it. Guess I can delete the Realtek one. Odd thing though, I've never had this issue, and I played SWTOR from day one up until Sept of last year when I took a break cause of school.

Ok, I know HOW to do a clean boot, but never done one. I have my msconfig already set to hide Microsoft programs, but do I need to then uncheck everything else? Is that how that works?

Not sure why I would have a conflict. When I was trying to run SWTOR this morning, I had no other programs running aside from Windows. Just did a chkdsk scan the other day, but didn't include the /f parameter. I'll try that later on today when I get home, as well as the sfc /scannow.