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Ahhh you're right, I misread your original post.

Incidentally, if one is trying to "gate" by main stat, the JW/SW seems to get the short end of the stick.

A stock Columi Commando has > 1650 main stat.
A stock Columi Gunslinger has > 1700 main stat.
A stock Columi Sage has > 1650 main stat.
A stock Columi Sentinel has > 1500 main stat.

Then for poops n giggles I put a Campaign geared Marauder together: AMR

I didn't spend much time optimizing it, I just picked all the high-strength pieces and swapped any lettered mods. But this BH/Campaign build only has 1687 strength. Weird.
Sents/Maruaders do not have the +X% mainstat talent in the skill trees. That is a main difference.

Gunslinger/snipers, for example, get +9% and it's trivial to get that skill in any build