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So, if we're making suggestions (although I consider the suggestion forum to be the best place for this and I've already contributed there, see sig), my suggestion would be to make every companion that's already romanceable available to the other gender. And I don't mean by gender switch turned off, but through story.

I know it's the most work-intensive suggestion of them all, but it's the only one, at the end of the day, I consider fair. And it's the maximum choice option, which is always good.
It would be nice to see the one-night-stand options, like Pierce, given a more fleshed out and in-depth romance. Also, for padawans like Ashara and Jaesa, if they do make them available for SGRA's, it should be done in such as way as not to present lesbianism as the "corruption" of something otherwise "pure", because I can imagine that being all too easy an option for the writers. "Oh? Dark side Sith lesbian lady wants some action with her padawan-come-apprentice? Ok, let's go with the manipulative, lesbians=darkness approach. That's not offensive AT ALL."

What would also be interesting and preferable, should they decide to make this content available only post-50 (which isn't something I necessarily find agreeable) is that the romance companions discuss some of your character's past actions/motivations in some of the romance scenes, as reasons for (or against (as in spite of)) the relationship. Not in a total "I wasn't gay before I met you" (but of course, all current romances in this game are hero-sexual, would Quinn really want to marry that many alien women, regardless of their status as a Lord?) but more of a "you're an interesting person, here's why" and also, largely, to get around the idea that same-sex romances and relationships are only about the 'fade to black' - a view prevalent among those who argue against this content.