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02.07.2013 , 04:50 AM | #11
I have always been skeptical about hacks and how what a lot of people call hacks are just a lack of understanding of class mechanics. However last night I did see someone who was obviously (in my mind) using a speed hack. I've got 3 level 50's and am leveling up 3 other chars, mainly via pvp, my main is valor 80 and the other 2 50's are around 60. I've done a lot of pvp in this game. There have only been a few times I have seen suspicious behavior I can't explain, this was one where I could only assume it was a speed hack.

Guy was a 40 assassin who's speed as he ran around me killing me was much faster than i could adapt to (I do not keyboard turn, got a scrapper scoundrel and a shadow so I am used to keeping on someones back) At first I assumed he had used his speed boost but after watching him attacking other people, the speed he moved to a new target, whilst keeping an eye out for his speed boost being used, I could only conclude he was using a speed hack.

I know that using a speed hack is fairly risky, threads on well known hacker forums have indicated people getting banned after using speed hacks despite being in areas alone, so I assume bioware have counter measures in place to detect movement above the norm.

Personally when things are a one off I don't mind too much, I assume that the person won't be around for too much longer. As mentioned I have done a lot of pvp and am normally skeptical of complaints of hacks. Most things are either bugs or class mechanics. This was not either of those. I just hope I do not see many more incidents like the above.
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