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18/23/0 hybrid tank in tank stance has more mitigation (well, full tank has 4% more absorb and 4% more shield, but hybrid hains 4% more flat dmg reduce + 15% more on focused defence which can be used while stunned (and drops aggro, so pvp only)), you get unstoppable (cc immunity for 4 seconds after jump), so you jump to a target, master strike, smack him a bit, and arount 15% push, jump (10% more damage kicks in) and use finisher for big last hit. also, immunity makes you briliant ball carrier and superb cap stopper (unles there are snipers caping heh)
I personally have 2 gear sets, one dps vindicator with str 18/endu 12 auguments for every thing that required me to do damage.
and tank gear with 18 endu/12 power auguments for ball carrying, guarding.

getting 2 sets might be time consuming, but with dps gear you can always switch to smash monkey if you have premade with pre determined node guards or just to many tanks, but I prefer to stay 18/23 since you can still pull out some not so bad dps while being durable (healers can concentrate on some one else)
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