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Most utility skills seem to be available to 2 AC's. Stealth, knockback, charge, force speed, offensive pull.

However 2 of the most useful hutball skills are only available to 1 AC each and those classes are over represented as a result. There are 2 classes that are under represented, maybe the following changes woudl help even that out and really help some stuggling classes.

New commando skill-
"Stand back Maam"
Pulls the friendly target to youself intercepting the next attack.

New scoundrel (maybe scrapper specific, to avoid OP healers) skill-
"Argghhh save me"
Leaps to a freindly target, making them eat the next attack against you.

I figure now is the time to get some different ideas out there for the devs.

Would those 2 skils make thiose classes more appealing in hutball and rated PVP in general?
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