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Also, a dps commando (especially gunnery) should be waaay higher on your priority list of dps targets to kill. They're easy as hell to kill and will drop quick, but they do really good dps when left alone (just as good as sniper's dps, but sniper is harder to kill).
Word this. My main is a gunnery commando, and I can lay down some GNARLY damage if I'm ignored for a little while. If I see an Arsenal mercenary, I put him fairly high on my priority list, because if I can get the jump on him he's toast, and if I don't do something he'll shred my teammates.
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Hey there, all! This thread has passed the dreaded 1,000 post limit, and is now in fire. Thanks for the fun, but we feel this discussion as run its course. We will not be restarting this thread.
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