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The consistency of such behavior suggests either extreme competence (insofar as they don't want players to just get a piece of gear and have it be "teh bestest it can be!" right out of the box so they make it so that *nothing* is optimally itemized immediately) or extreme ignorance (i.e. they think they're making everything itemized perfectly right off the bat and just have no clue that, holy crap, Accuracy isn't useful for tanks *at all*). Which interpretation of the information you choose to follow depends upon your personal preference (and is probably a good Rorschach test for your overall opinion of Bioware as a whole).
I'd personally assume a mix of both, really. I seem to remember it being stated somewhere that they wanted to reward people who take the extra time to fine tune their gear or somesuch, which to a point I'd be ok with.

But then we have, as dps commandos for example, Dread Guard gear that is utter garbage in virtually every slot. Aim heavy mods. Endurance heavy enhancements. Endurance heavy barrels. Hundreds more crit rating than I'd ever, ever want. Most of it was actually worse than the previous tier of stuff, which is pretty bloody impressive considering how bad Black Hole gear off the vendor was too. I didn't so much have to fine tune that crap as I did near completely replace it all with crafted stuff. It's hard to believe they consciously made it that terrible as part of some bizarre strategy to reward dedication.

If it's a situation replicated in the next level of operations without the ability to craft actually-better-than-the-rubbish-my-gear-comes-with replacements, I can't imagine ever having the willpower to grind out two dozen various item tokens from drops to actually fix it in the first place, let alone against an entire guild of other people. That's pretty atrocious game design under any stretch of the imagination.

Doing this literally hurts everybody, raiders included, and for what?