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grats on the 10 stack kill and the entity kill and problem I have with the way bioware has this set takes 24 to down dreadtooth to get the amulet, but then you have to boot 8 people from the group that just helped you do that awesome feat in order to down entity in 16 man. It just seems like poor design by bioware to screw 8 people out of their entity kill.
I know it is a difficult concept to seize but let's try it slowly: R O T A T I O N.

What's the obstacle to 24 people from various guilds who banded together to do it again and rotate? In three weeks each member would do secret boss twice and even some guilds would step up this way to 16M ops for good.

It's the matter of succesful mindset to see opportunity where others see obstacles, that's why some will keep winning and some keep failing, easy as that.