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Just to be clear, have you tried a basic search like I suggested above? make sure you hit the 'reset' button to send it all back to default first.

Otherwise try typing any of the following words into the search feild:
Revan, Spy, Conservator, Valiant, Clandestine, Destroyer, Preceptor, Phantom, (or any other popular cartel armour set name)
make sure you leave everything else on the default if you do this.

If those don't give any results... then creating a ticket might be your only 'solution'
if you can, see if the problem still exists on an alt.

Sure enough, this helped. I wasn't aware that one had to be so specific. This could be a little frustrating for sometime. It would be nice to see what was for sale in a bigger picture view. For someone just starting out, not being aware of just how much of anything is available, what items are helpful, which ones to stay away from, not really knowing what your looking for, so on, and so forth as stated can be irritating. But, thank you very much for the tips. They are very much appreciated.