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"As Emperor, he spent much of his rule experimenting even further with the dark side, discovering many lost techniques and increasing his immense power even more. Another one of Vitiate's specialties was in the domination of his opponent's minds, as he was able to dominate the minds of 8,000 Sith Lords and bind them to his will"

And if we are going by the Emperor in the book certainly several hundred years of delving in the dark side could give him some knowledge of Force wounds. Also since he has sent sith infiltrators to destroy ancient Sith Spirits, he might have a power to harm Nihilus' Force Essence. Also consider that, The Emperor, has defenses such as something similar, but less power than the Sith enchanted Gauntlet of Kressh. But since the Trayus Academy housed secrets of the Ancient Sith, giving even a somewhat mentally twisted Revan information about force rituals like the Void.

But with These Five Great Dark Lords I give them the win. I would like to imagine Traya as a last resort, using her three sabers against the Emperor