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02.07.2013 , 12:04 AM | #141
Okay, maybe we can settle down. Lots of people have suggested lots of things over the past years this has been an issue. That's greatly appreciated and certainly potentially constructive but it doesn't exactly make you unique, SithKoriandr, and plenty of people who've made suggestions have been of variable support to this matter. None of the posters here have the capacity to stop others from posting - only the mods can do that - so perhaps for the sake of some peace we can all just make an effort to see everyone's point of view.

For example yes, it is true that boycotting works in some instances and yes, the numbers would be a curious thing to see. But it would also quash any attempt to keep an LGBT voice on this matter on the forums. So, while interesting, it is perhaps understandable that someone perceiving a suggestion of boycotting as a 'shut up or leave' statement (a very large number of which we've been attacked with; this is not a small issue) and taking it as such. After all it'd be interesting but given BW:A's history of not communicating it probably wouldn't do anything except crush the number of people vocally supporting this matter. If anything I'd say more support and more voices would be better.
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