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A "competent" story is any piece of writing with proper punctuation and grammatical syntax. Green Eggs And Ham is a competent story. Teletubbies have competent writers. Which is where I suspect BioWare dug up the writer(s) of the consular arc.

A previous poster, whom doesn't merit direct quotation, mentioned how saving these masters was not an act "required" of a Jedi and thus makes logical sense in the story. Any GOOD writer would have reserved the Jedi Master title for a player who at least saved 1/2 of the masters and rewarded the ridiculously named "über" title for those players who managed to save all of the masters. Instead they hand these things out like candy. There's no sense of deserved accomplishment.

I mock the order, murder it's most prominent servants, bring about the deaths of hundreds of masters and deliberately disrespect not only the council but every person in my path at every given opportunity and am subsequently granted the highest honors the order has to offer.

THAT, by definition, is bad writing.

How any individual with an IQ greater than that of a turnip could defend that kind of story telling is beyond any level of understanding I possess.