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Time to semi-necro this thread. Republic pugs are horrible, beyond bad. I have had 10+ warzones in the last week where I didn't know ANYONE. Trust me, I know freaking everyone. It's also a main reason why I havne't been super active. If you guys remember back in november/octoberish Imps were like, terribad. I mean with pugs, the actual guilds were alright. I think all of those less than average joe's re-rolled on the "winning" side. It's pretty funny, but It fluxuates. I'm just raging right now because I lost with nobody I knew on my team, but yeah, republic pugs eat crap right about now.
Not as bad as imp pugs. Go queue over there for a week and then see how it is. we have very few bad pugs compared to the imps who have very few good pugs. But I do agree a lot of the bads have rerolled to get a free ride.

And you also have to realize that not everyone gets their breakfast at Denny's. That's a 10% buff they're missing out on.
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