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We have folks playing now in numbers during the prime-time EST hours. (typicall 9-12 pm/am) We've two people now scheduling informal and planned activities during the month. All are welcome to do the same as well, but we are playing to our strengths and numbers at this point. Most of those can be found through our websites membership groups and forums. Being inside the guild does help too since some folks gather on their own off-schedule. LIkewise, our PvP fans have been surging in their hours on both the imperial (Scions of Korriban) and Republic guilds.

The approach I'm guiding as we build numbers again, is to keep things casual and fluid. The rebound in active players has been notable, and folks starting to join us is too. But this remains a building project. The good news in that is our guild is large and strong, and it is actively lead by myself and others. There are lights on and people at the wheel.
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