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Part of the is that lightning strike is designed like an auto attack for the lightning spec. The fact that lightning strike costs force is offset by subversion in the spec which keeps a stack of force regeneration boost on the sorcerer. The problem is that the aforementioned buff has a very short upkeep time. This is generally bad as in pvp this buff can be very hard to maintain making it so that the lightning strike's regeneration function does not work effectively in pvp.

Additionally this move is necessary more often than regular basic attacks. It is needed to proc lightning storm and is needed whenever crushing darkness/thundering blast are on cooldown or you have a proc. Its damage is only lightly above that of of a basic attack and yet it requires cast meaning it is inferior to basic attack in the mobility area. Even in PVE maintaining optimal Full lightning damage can be very difficult due to all the casting and immobility which stems largely from the fact that Full lightning has a filler attack that has a cast time. Additionally the lightning strike is affected by armor making it even worse against targets without an armor debuff (which sorcs don't have any armor penetration abilities despite being very affected by armor)

All this adds up to why lightning strike is one of the worse attacks in the game and its not like sorcs are topping the dps charts in pve anyway. But ill keep it simple with an example.

Lightning strike casted via wrath proc (wrath makes your next cast do 20% more damage and be instant) is a dps loss over just casting force lightning. How sad is it that a casted ability made instant cast with 20% more damage still is worse than madness's filler move.
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