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Since we cant see others romance on this game that should make it clear as day to any conspiracy or judgement you have on some people but of course you wont adress this will you. As much as people dislike being called a slur people do not like being branded or acussed of being a bad person when they are not. All threads FOR and AGAINST this should just be shut down and not allowed period. Time to be fair . come on Mr. Gonzales this is a game please just get any opinion of this off the boards its just distracting or push it to suggestion box. This is like beating a dead horse it has become to people who don't know anything about this game as there only point of reference to it this is what the game is known for to the layman. It needs to be a game again this problem was fixed and being added more in the future why even have a thread going. Again NO ONE WILL EXPERIENCE YOUR ROMANCE ARC so stop calling people out and stop allowing people to be called out on what ever what position they choose. Use facts people not emotion.
I'm sorry have you not been reading this thread at all? If you haven't noticed you would see that there are indeed plenty of people who would like to experience this romance arc so that actually makes your point completely invalid. Also what exactly is this "problem" you are referring to? Is your issue with the actual content or the opinions of people who are for and against? Either way this is a very important topic to the playerbase and saying that it should not be discussed on the forums is a form of censorship.

Yes I know it is a discussion that not many people wish to discuss but character development on in every form is very important to people thus it needs to be talked about.

Furthermore, I respectfully disagree with you on the fact that you say that people should not be called out. See this game is dynamic and the stories that our characters go through are unique both to us and to the game world. So when we are able to experience a different aspect of the game, which in this case is romance people will bring their real life opinions on what they perceive to be acceptable or not acceptable. It is for that reason that sometimes people will say negative things and when they do they should be called out because in my mind that is just a underhanded way of telling people they are wrong without getting into trouble. This goes for both sides.

So yes it is a heated topic but it needs to be talked about. Also your right it is a game but it is a game we all enjoy in our own way.
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As theUndead mentioned, I can't exactly spell out all of our policies in depth, but that should hopefully cover your concerns.