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02.06.2013 , 06:25 PM | #135
So, another suggestion! If they can't mess with the romance options there are now, why not mess witht he companions who have no romance options?

Jedi Consular can get a M/M romance with Zenith going! F/F would be left out on this one.

Jedi Knight can M/M roamnce with Rusk and/or Scourge! F/F would be left out on this one as well.

Smuggler would likely get left out, as Guss may not be human enough for it.

Trooper can get M/M with Tanno. And yes, F/F left out.

Sith Inquisitor can get M/M with Talos. I think if they extend Khem's storyline they could

Sith Warrior can get F/F with Light Side Jaesa! M/M would be left out on this one.

Imperial Agent can get M/M with Lokin (may-december romance!) and F/F with Scorpio!

Bounty Hunter can get M/M with Skadge maybe with Gault as well if
. No F/F ont his one.

Mind you, the idea with this suggestion is to not change the ones who are romanceable now, but make it so the ones who aren't, can be!