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Quote: Originally Posted by wainot-keel View Post
Really ? And you don't see why ? I find that interesting.

You twist people's words and make statements as if that purposely twisted version is the current consensus in the thread. You take stuffy's opinion and make it sound like it's the current consensus of the whole thread.
And then, with few posts between, you manage to suggest, out of concern, that people who want this content should quit the game as the best course of action. Right.
Concern? I keep seeing that word. I have no concern what so ever. It's a valid suggestion. Boycotts can work. But you need a large enough consumer base to make it work. Now if the numbers are higher than what I estimated, and it seems to me that many in this thread think it is, then show it in force!

There's obviously some passionate supporters of this. So there's step one. Cost of doing this is...saving money (people are more likely to get involved if it doesnt cost them anything). People can participate without spending a cent! Easy to understand objective for the masses (put in SGR)! And I'm sure people are willing to get the news spread around to various gaming sites for media coverage.

So what exactly is wrong with suggesting such action, when it has shown it can work in other consumer affairs?