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IMO, First, fully understand your class. Then start to understand every other class and how you can counter each of them while they are trying to do their job.
Self- critique and being able to take criticism I believe makes for the best players, and the want to always improve.
just understanding the role of your class, what makes you better then every other person who plays your class?
IE: A bubble sorc
Did I keep everyone's bubble up, while being attacked?
Did I not redo the bubble before the stun was popped? (so I could get 2x bubbles per person as soon as their first is done)
Did I use my pulls to advance my team to the right area or to save them from being FF'd?
Did I use my overload almost every time it was off CD, so that I basically controlled the enemy's movement for 6 out of every 20s?
Did I push my overload to the highest reach/distance it can go? (IE if i am knocked off near the 2nd fire on the pit, did i jump back towards the fire while overloading to knock the enemys off?)
Am I using all of my escapes / pots to the maximum efficiency?
Am I constantly watching to LOS people and still keep my team alive?

Drilling every small thing into your own head will make you better than others.
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