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With some stat optimization you would be just fine on the 1800, like the 104% accuracy should be dropped down in favor of a different stat, better than pre-columi hilts, moddable belt and bracers rather than the DG pieces, also the focus on power doesn't look like it is helping your wpn dmg, but that could be because of the hilts as i'm thinking you aren't using tank hilts from pre-columi gear.
Yes of course that character isn't perfect - accuracy need to be swapped for surge, crit for power and hilts need to be upgraded - I already said that though. That's still more than enough gear to carry others rather than require carrying.

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Ahhh you're right, I misread your original post.

Incidentally, if one is trying to "gate" by main stat, the JW/SW seems to get the short end of the stick.

A stock Columi Commando has > 1650 main stat.
A stock Columi Gunslinger has > 1700 main stat.
A stock Columi Sage has > 1650 main stat.
A stock Columi Sentinel has > 1500 main stat.

Then for poops n giggles I put a Campaign geared Marauder together: AMR

I didn't spend much time optimizing it, I just picked all the high-strength pieces and swapped any lettered mods. But this BH/Campaign build only has 1687 strength. Weird.
Yeah, and sents/marauders are one of the highest DPS classes out there despite that, before even considering the bloodthirsts making everyone better so excluding them is a pretty bad idea.

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No one is disagreeing with that, but no matter what arbitrary number you use it is going to leave out players more than capable of pulling off the content. At the same time, no matter what number you choice you are going to pull some players that will not be able to pull off the content. Personally 1800 seems high to me, but I am using that number while thinking about plugging someone in my group or into my guild.
Yeah, hence why it shouldn't be based on an arbitrary number - talk to the person and ask how they're geared, so pretty much what you yourself suggest that you'd do.