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Thanks, Nibbon, definitely an interesting approach. I do like how this approach does not penalize people for being #10 on the first boss, and allows for #2 and #3 to effectively come out equal if they kill within a few minutes. I would say that the lack of emphasis on later bosses is the only downside of this strategy. I'm not saying that the last boss should be twice as important as the first, but maybe 30-50% more important.

Keep making the effort towards these things; both your tracking system and your handling of your W1st Dreadtooth stuff has made this game much more enjoyable for us other guilds. Thanks!
Thanks for the kind words.

Yeah I thought about scaling a bit as well, definitely a possibility. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I would absolutely love to get some of the guild heads together in a skype/google hangout/mumble/ventrillo, something along those lines, and come to an agreement of the one best system to use going forward. Thus, I wanted to get this out as an example of another system.

Chosen is invited, of course