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I suppose the definition of "better" might be part of this question. Having seen several posts about how all the various parts of the scoreboard are next-to-useless numbers for actually measuring how good a player is at "warzoning", it got me wondering... how do you tell if you are getting better at warzone-PvP? I guess if you go with premades, you can go into ranked matches, and tell as a team. But what about individually?

I'd like to think I could "just tell" by how I fare (fair?) in individual melees in the WZ. But they are so varied. Last night, as an example, I played about 6 WZs. They were all so lopsided. For 4 of them my team was getting crushed by the proverbial premades. My numbers, and everyone elses, were dismal. Felt like I melted in any fight I was in. Then the other two were completely the opposite. We melted anyone who dared to show their ugly imperial head.

I guess since the final game I played was one where I was a melter instead of a melt-ee, that must mean I suddenly got awesome at this game! Right?
Short answer - situational awareness.

Long answer - as you grow as a player, you'll start noticing that a lot of things you had to think about specifically become reflexive. Using skills, scanning area, pinpointing enemies and enemy types, assessing threats, adjusting own position to minimize your personal exposure and to maximize your own threat zone.

You'll start zooming the camera in and out on reflex at certain map spots, you'll turn camera around corners, you'll travel the safest, least exposed paths in warzones, you'll stop thinking about what skill are you going to use next, you will interrupt what needs to be interrupted, and nothing else, you'll be one step ahead of the enemy with your countermeasures.

You will want to reconfigure your UI multiple times. You will want to rebind your keys and find new efficient keybinding combinations and setups. Don't be afraid to strip everything down and build a new setup from scratch.

And, finally, you'll notice that you grow as a player when you stop feeling frustration over small things. You'll learn to be efficient and have fun by playing smart, even if your entire team is composed of the most awful of bads.
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