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02.06.2013 , 03:47 PM | #13
For me, things just start to slow down more and then from there, I start to realize when I missed a chance to do this move, or if I was attacking someone right as a teammate mezed them (sometimes, you are at a point of no return and can't stop it, but you learn to understand when that is going to make sense and watch out for it). It then just becomes a matter of time where you see individually things that you left on the table.

When I first started, it was run back in and start attacking right away. Would pick up good numbers, but how many times I was running into a 2 or more vs 1 was ridiculous. So I learned to try to anticipate and play as a teammate rather than the solo hero. Still think I could do better.

Another example is, I see my stealth buddy running next to me toward a guarded node, as much as I want to engage and get us in a 2 v 2, I learned I can provide a great decoy sometimes and draw the other team off to attack me. I understand when I as a stealther might be the best guard available. I look for my healers and do anything I can to buy them time or keep someone off them.

Another thing I noticed getting better at is I will use a stun that doesn't fill resolve. If they break it with less than full, I hit them with another stun or mezz and they are stuck. Understanding that helps you understand when to use your breaker. You also need to figure out that just throwing stuns randomy on people are bad in some situations, like someone carrying the Hutt Ball. Other times, waiting for their white bar to go down before trying to use a stun or mezz is a good idea as to not waste a stun. Watching that resolve bar is a good idea in general.

There's so many things. I guess the important part was in the beginning about the game slowing down for you. The more comfortable you are with the class you are playing, you will just know when you screwed up and use that to learn from it even if it worked out.