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I suppose the definition of "better" might be part of this question. Having seen several posts about how all the various parts of the scoreboard are next-to-useless numbers for actually measuring how good a player is at "warzoning", it got me wondering... how do you tell if you are getting better at warzone-PvP? I guess if you go with premades, you can go into ranked matches, and tell as a team. But what about individually?

I'd like to think I could "just tell" by how I fare (fair?) in individual melees in the WZ. But they are so varied. Last night, as an example, I played about 6 WZs. They were all so lopsided. For 4 of them my team was getting crushed by the proverbial premades. My numbers, and everyone elses, were dismal. Felt like I melted in any fight I was in. Then the other two were completely the opposite. We melted anyone who dared to show their ugly imperial head.

I guess since the final game I played was one where I was a melter instead of a melt-ee, that must mean I suddenly got awesome at this game! Right?
I hate to say it but stats are a good start.... some will disagree but it does give indication that you understand your class and it's abilities. So the scoreboard CAN be some indication.

Also, team work... as a tank or healer are you supporting your class or playing the role for your own survival?

I had a guy rage on me in regs for being a noob because we rolled them and apparently I was a p**** for stacking healers on our team... IDK even know where to start but anyways... my point. I LOL'd at him at the end because he literally had 45K damage and 450 prot... no, I'm not missing any zeros, as a PT tank. Clearly a player who rolled a tank just so he didn't die as often... 450 prot could be done by doing a single target taunt on a healer who accidentally tapped his basic attack. So, be for your team more and for yourself less... Don't be this guy.

Even in a regaular war zone with random players... this is in the end a team game. As a carnage marauder for example... many would look at it as just a DPS job... kill stuff and move on. I look at how it can help the team in multiple ways, for example... is my predation up when we need to rotate, making it easier for my healers to kite by peeling for them and keeping attackers rooted. Things like that get over looked but it's that kind of team play that makes good players. The list can go on and on but that's jsut to give you an idea to look outside of the box.

Huttball for example... are you apart of carrying the ball, controlling mid? Or are you just attacking anything that moves?

More often than not, wins go to better team work and not individual skill. Not that individual skill isn't very important... but it doesn't make a good player. There needs to be a happy medium for the two.