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You're also failing to understand why I put "basic attack" in quotes, rather than just saying it without. Disturbance is *not* supposed to be mechanically identical to a basic attack. It's not even remotely close to behaving like one on the surface: it costs resources (no true basic attack does), it requires you to stand still (no true basic attack does), is a Force attack (no true basic attack is), can be interrupted (no true basic attack can be), and deals more than basic bonus damage (all true basic attacks deal bonus damage + weapon damage and that's all). It's *not* an actual basic attack, but it serves a similar role in the Sage's massive-resource-pool-for-a-turret-class paradigm, so it's *like* a basic attack for them.
No, I understand just fine. But you just succinctly explained why this attack ISN'T a basic attack. It has little in common with a basic attack. It doesn't even fill the same purpose for the class as a basic attack. I see and understand your position, but you're speculating about this power's purpose. It fails as a basic attack. Personally, I would see Weaken Mind more as our "basic" attack. (See I can use quotes too! )

You are still the master of Shadows, but I not with you on this power.
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