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That's all well and good, but it still doesn't warrant anger, directed at the developers or otherwise.
Anger? Probably not in the "vein-popping out of my forehead" kind, but I definitely think that, as a consumer, it is one's duty to voice product displeasure to the people directly responsible for that displeasure. Insults, while not exactly mature, are certainly a way to do that. If they responded to mature and well thought-out criticism, that's what everyone would use all the time. However, since it's blatantly obvious that they are willing to ignore the problem until it just goes away, I think it's okay to be a little testy. It makes the person posting it feel better, and hey - the devs probably aren't even going to read it anyway.

I confess myself disappointed. Damion pretty much said "You're getting Cathar, maybe, and that's it." Well, I've voiced my opinion in numerous different ways, since EARLY beta (December 2010,) and there's just not much point for me to voice it any more. I play this game because it's Star Wars, but they just keep telling us, through inaction, that the fans don't matter. Like I said, disappointing. I was hoping to take some of my characters past Makeb, but over the past month I've realized that I'm gonna be a "play each class to 50 then uninstall" kinda guy. Such a waste. It's ironic to know that up until two years ago, BioWare was the exclusive recipient of my gaming cash. All games. All DLC. Tons of merch. Now, this is the last BioWare title I play, I probably won't be around for the second anniversary, and then no more BioWare for me.

That said - TESO looks like they want my money pretty bad. Hmmm... what will I do with all this money I could have happily spent on extra races in SWTOR???
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