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I skimmed through it and thought most of your ideas were good. I'd like to talk about the voice chat idea. I'm okay with it, as long as it's optional. I would prefer not to reveal my voice, especially since I probably won't have met most people, and I'm sure others agree with me. Other than that, your ideas are mostly good. I didn't actually notice any other ones I disagreed with, but as I said, I skimmed through it.
LOTRO currently has this feature. I don't know what other MMO's do, but have seen others mention it in forthcoming MMO's.

It works effectively in LOTRO. The way it works is generally 100% of players who group, especially PUG's, have voice chat active, but many or even most don't talk, they just listen. It only takes 1 player in a group of 4 to talk, and generate teamwork and coordination. In fact, it's even better when 1 talks, and 3 listen. The norm was that you'd see the voice feature indicator "live" among all members of the party, but rarely would see most players actually talk, but they're listening when needed.


"turn the boss around so his back is to us"

"Mojomaker, can you cc the Troll?", to which Mojomaker either replies or types, "yes"

"It's imperative that everyone interrupts the bosses heals, everyone got that?", to which they say or type "yes"

Having voice elevates the teamwork 500%, or in the absence of voice, handicaps teamwork 90-98%. It's critical.

Games like LOTRO demonstrate how it works effectively, is adopted nearly universally by players, even though most players don't ever say a word, but they listen, and they type responses.

Of course, guilds could care less, because most use their own voice tools (of course they do because its so fundamental to teamwork) for groups, but for everyone else, PUGS, or mixed groups of Guilds/PUGS, they need to be able to communicate to raise group activity from chaos to teamwork, and enjoy the same level of gameplay that guilds do with their voice servers.

For any modern MMO to have group content, and not provide voice, is a fundamental failure in design. For a game like TOR that claims innovation with Voice story, to not include Voice among players... well, it's like comparing color movies today, to black and white silent films.
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