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And the Force help us if we even attempt to mention anything related to SGRAs outside of this thread. Lent-san's suggestion thread for a gender change got derailed by two people going "uhhh, gays herp derp, you gotta wait, lyk, FOREVER" because they wanted to give some background to the proposal. So as negatively as I feel about Bioware's handling of this, as discouraged as I am by the still rampant homophobia and "I can't get over the fact that you mentioned this acronym" that plague these boards, I don't have a proper system to channel it yet. I believe once Makeb has come out with its one or two same-sex [Flirt]s and its eleventy-billion straight [Flirt]s, then I probably get a system going again, but until then... eh.
What's funny is that I explicitely mentioned that I don't mean that suggestion of a gender change option to be a simple cop out to shoo in SGR with current companions through the backdoor. That wasn't and isn't my intent.

Of course, being able to start Makeb with former female/now male char would indeed make SGR on Makeb easier to approach for me with a Lv50 char sitting playready on the shelve, and the fact I started her in the first place was because SGR wasn't available and I wanted to see what the romances were like, originally.

But mostly, starting a new char and deleting her would cost me all her skills and equip and max level, so a gender swap would just be practical, not more not less. But well, that's a discussion for the other thread.

I haven't lost hope for proper SGR down the road yet. I guess I am an eternal optimist, in this regard.