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You misunderstand, I don't bring that char to serious raids - as mentioned, that's my alt. My main is a powertech with BiS gear for both tanking and dps. I simply mention it to point out the absurdity of someone geared in full rakata-campaign (including the hilts, when I get around to crafting those - as mentioned that char would still be below the limit with 2 might 27 hilts) and augmented with way more experience than needed to clear it would be denied based on that arbitrary cut off.
That char definitely has a lot of work left to do on it, both when it comes to mod level (for hilts and armorings in bracers+belt) and optimization - but it's much more than is needed for a SM.
Or you can switch the Rakata stim to an exotech and be over 1800 with those hilts your speaking of... even if you didnt switch your stim you'd have 1798...

I'm sure if you messaged the OP when he was looking for 1800 main stat DPS and told him hey i only got 1750 but that because im a mara fully augmented in power, im sure an invite would be coming... not to mention your a mara that's probably all you'd have to say.