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So, while there is indeed a small amount of the general population that is anything other than straight, that doesn't account for other factors. Like the fact that players sometimes role play in a story based MMO. Weird, right?
That's the thing. And I'm still not convinced the numbers are that 'small' after all, depending on what survey we look at.

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I took that number, then figured there's likely SGRs who don't care and OGRs who do to make up for it.
I guess that would be called 'making up a number'.

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You're also assuming people who are SGR in RL care at all if it's implemented in RL.
You're assuming they don't. There's no difference.

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Really ? And you don't see why ? I find that interesting.
You twist people's words and make statements as if that purposely twisted version is the current consensus in the thread. You take stuffy's opinion and make it sound like it's the current consensus of the whole thread.
And then, with few posts between, you manage to suggest, out of concern, that people who want this content should quit the game as the best course of action. Right.
That's it, really. If you complain about people being nasty to you, stop being nasty in the first place. There's really not much to it.