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but it's much more than is needed for a SM.
No one is disagreeing with that, but no matter what arbitrary number you use it is going to leave out players more than capable of pulling off the content. At the same time, no matter what number you choice you are going to pull some players that will not be able to pull off the content. Personally 1800 seems high to me, but I am using that number while thinking about plugging someone in my group or into my guild.

Personally I would look at if they meet the minimum requirement for the ops and then look to see if they have worked at gear to make it better, do they have proper implant, ear, relics and do they have augments (and the proper ones for their class). If it appears that they work at it and are not just trying to get carried to gear, then I am more than willing for them to come. So going by your build on your alt, compared to my alt and considering my group, I would be more than willing to take you on anything up to HM EC, provided you took the offhand at the tanks and went back to fleet to get saber and put it in you mainhand). Your stats are very comparable to my alt and I had no problems with HM EC. We just have a difference of opinion on stacking main or power.