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Well, I think maybe you got short with the negativity. You're definetely slacking
Sadly, apparentely 3 years seem to be a plausible number so people aren't disregarding this as a ludicrous "estimation"
It's really quite a bad sign when people agree with me about three years being plausible. There's an under current of "ahh, **** it" that most companies would pay for in their customers, and here we are giving it to Bioware for free!

However I must say that, given that Bioware have announced that they intended to give us one or two [Flirt] options (of which I expect there to be a 50/50 chance of rejection) in Makeb, I've rather run out of steam. It feels like any attempt to get further clarification on companion romances will be met with "Ah, look! I have a quote" (as Mr. Gonzalez did in the previous thread, rather than actually lower himself to talk to us at the time), therefore being pointless and frustrating, and any attempt at a dialogue over their treatment and lack of any communication on the subject for the better part of a year will be met with silence and the aforementioned "Ah, look! I have a quote" tactic.

Bioware have played their hand well - we cannot complain about the introduction of [Flirt]s as being our only "romance" option because then we look greedy and pathetic, even though there are those of us who find it unsatisfactory, and we cannot approach their previous mishandling of the subject because, in their eyes, they have now handled the entire situation adequately and appropriately.

And the Force help us if we even attempt to mention anything related to SGRAs outside of this thread. Lent-san's suggestion thread for a gender change got derailed by two people going "uhhh, gays herp derp, you gotta wait, lyk, FOREVER" because they wanted to give some background to the proposal. So as negatively as I feel about Bioware's handling of this, as discouraged as I am by the still rampant homophobia and "I can't get over the fact that you mentioned this acronym" that plague these boards, I don't have a proper system to channel it yet. I believe once Makeb has come out with its one or two same-sex [Flirt]s and its eleventy-billion straight [Flirt]s, then I probably get a system going again, but until then... eh.