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I would hazard a guess that you're probably a skilled player who is very familiar with the fights. This is based on your saying that you've progressed mostly through NM EC (and everything else). Also, I'm pretty sure the others in your raid group probably have better gear than you do.

Anyway, a very skilled player doesn't need ideal BiS. However, when you're filling a pug slot, with an unknown variable of how good someone is, it's safer to err on the side of caution.

My own raid group is mostly Dread Guard and we're still progressing on NM EC. The only way we'd bring someone geared like yourself is if someone knew the player personally and was willing to vouch for their skill.

Edit: I also fiddled more with AMR profiles for Marauders/Sentinels. Their gearing seems weird to me. Stock Columi gear on a Marauder has vastly less main stat than other classes.
You misunderstand, I don't bring that char to serious raids - as mentioned, that's my alt. My main is a powertech with BiS gear for both tanking and dps. I simply mention it to point out the absurdity of someone geared in full rakata-campaign (including the hilts, when I get around to crafting those - as mentioned that char would still be below the limit with 2 might 27 hilts) and augmented with way more experience than needed to clear it would be denied based on that arbitrary cut off.
That char definitely has a lot of work left to do on it, both when it comes to mod level (for hilts and armorings in bracers+belt) and optimization - but it's much more than is needed for a SM.