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Honestly, the worst part about the Consular story was the main antagonist. Act 1 wasnt anything special but it didnt seem bad to me.


I really never felt like the odds were against me at any time in the story. The companions also all feel tacked on. Qyzen grew on me and its cool that you get to teach Nadia about being a Jedi, but other than that all the companions do not fit in well at all.

I've done the Knight, Inquisitor and Warrior story and there are all low points in those stories and you have a clear antagonist throughout. Warrior,
. Inquisitor, take out your master then your main rival. Jedi Knight,
. You need a clear villain. You also need to overcome odds. The Warrior
. The Knight
. The Inquisitor gets
The villain never got me personally invested.

You also dont have recurring minor villains. Going through you defeat everyone and they dont show up again so no one really gets under your skin.

Overall, I felt the consular story was incredibly weak. Thankfully I love playing my shadow enough for it to be my main, because the story definitely didnt make it interesting.
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