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02.06.2013 , 11:00 AM | #38
The OP is talking about SM EC and SM TfB, a raid leader plugging in a few PUGs has the right to ask whatever they want in the minimum they will require out of a pug to join their group. So 1800 mainstat isnít too much to ask if that is what the raid leader and his/her regular group members are comfortable with out of a PUG. That is not saying a skilled person could not do it with a lot less stats, that is not saying your build or gear is wrong, it is just saying that is what the raid leader and his/her group wants. I have seen guilds wanting full dreadguard to run HMEC, that isnít needed either, but I didnít insult them or throw a fit over it. As a matter of fact I did not want to run with them because I knew they just wanted a pug the fill a hole and did not want and had no intention of sharing in the gear. So even though I would have passed on gear anyways I was happy not to go. Raid leaderís job isnít to make PUGs happy or carry them through the operation, their job is to get a group together that has the best chance to clear the instance. Sometimes that even means leaving guildmates and friends out, so you can see why they are not overly worried about hurting a strangers feelings.

For some it would be really great is we had a report card attached to our toons, then we would not be sold short because we did not meet someoneís made up criteria for raids, but then for others that report card would be a death sentence. As it is now, all there is to judge pugs by is an artificial criteria that while important, does not say anything of skill and/or knowledge.