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If its EV SM or an EC SM comms run, all I want to see is that you are in at least Tionese and level 50 gear. You get free Tionese and Recruit gear now so you might as well pick that up. I just dont want to see you with greens or level 40 gear or anything like that, whether its a HM, Lost Island or an Ops. Considering that this takes no effort on the players part, this is really all I care about and if the player hasn't gotten this stuff yet, its only helping them by making them get this stuff.

Honestly, when I was a fresh 50 and starting to raid, better geared 50s were helping to carry me so its no big deal to pay it forward.

Also, my guild is heavy in tanks and healers so we tend to just pug the DPS as needed and our core DPSers tend to be very good so its no big deal to carry someone a little. We're not really a hardcore raiding guild so its nice to leave a good impression on people that you're a friendly guild.
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