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1800 is most def not too much to ask for. My powertech in full campaign has 1940 aim as a tank. Dps gear is all DG and i have 2430 aim and 950 power.

For sm 1800 is more than enough. I have a sorc who hit 50 and i've played maybe 5 or 6 hours on since has 1900 willpower. I'd perfer to bring people who over gear for 2 reasons. 1 i dont care much for teaching pugs fights. 2 make the run as quick as possible.
You mention 1 class that has a 9% main stat boost and one that has a 6% one, both of which are probably using main stat augments instead of power. That's equivalent to 240-245 main stat from the augments alone after accounting for sorc buff and the talent.
My goal build for my marauder (optimized 61's, aka what I can get by mod swapping BH gear and crafting hilts anr armorings for belt+bracer) still only has 1880 strength when buffed.
Bonus damage/healing would be a better metric since it will take both main stat and power into account, but that doesn't tell the whole story either.