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That's good to know about Quinn I really like the way he is though the professional types are always stuffy at first then more fun later (at least it seems that way with Jorgan to he was such a hard case now hes requesting others go on leave so we can have alone time lol).

I am really not impressed with my smugglers romance though if they put same sex stuff in I may go with Spar over Corso shes way tougher looking and acting and doesn't shove you around like a child lol.

The Vette romance sounds like fun I still don't understand the Iresso thing honestly by the time I got him it was like meh another person on my consulars ship that I had no want for. Future companions will probably be just as rushed for that class to it seems to me they want you to prefer to stay alone at least that was the only option I felt choosing since Zenith is not an option. Tharan gave me the willies from the beginning I had a feeling he was all freaky for his hologram so I mostly ignored flirt options with him. And Doc maybe over sexed and had far more ex girlfriends then I liked but coming from my sage's story line it was a breath of fresh air
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