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Nahh, Sion is in no way a Wound in the Force. He would be like a Wound version 0.5. Kreia has simply broken him down into nothingness. He cannot die because he feels no pain ( or feels it constantly, glass half full or half empty, just how see it.). He has nothing he can die from except from his mind, as its the only thing inside him that is still really intact. Nihilus is a full Wound, so was the Exile but through different reasons. Nihilus became it by consuming an entire world, so much Force literally overshot his own Force, creating a Wound in the Force that now consumes everything it can find. The Exile's Force got shut out by herself because it overwhelmed her too much with all the deaths at Malachor. She would have become like Nihilus, hadn't she broken her own connection. That makes them both Wounds, but different ones.

I still believe Nihilus would consume the Emperor and win all by himself. But guess we'll never really know.
Believe in the Force, and whenever it seems like there is no path, the Force will show you the way. Give yourself to it.. Do not use the Force, do not fight with it. Befriend it, accept it. And eventually, the Force will be your ally.