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02.06.2013 , 08:01 AM | #9
First 11 points. Without the Madness skill, no CD on force lightning, you're pretty much playing a crappy lightning spec...and the Lightning spec is bad to begin with. Full lightning game from last (EST) night (time is local, I'm in EU but on a US server)

Next mission will be to unlock Wrath. After that it's optional, start putting points in for a hybrid or go for deathmark. I would start with Electric Induction and Reserves in the Lightning tree.

As for big numbers, stay alive. The key to producing on a sorc is location. Here's me as a lvl 31 or something, it''s atleast pre-lvl 34 since I don't have force storm yet (always have that bound to key 4 and 4 is empty here). I've never been in full purple or even remotely close to it while leveling.

A small bonus for all those who claim that expertise is everything.

Edit: Ha, found this while looking through screenshots. First, how does a scoreboard like that even happen? Second, check the comment. Wasnt lying either, never had expertise on my voss set.