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I made that up because I am of a negative opinion on how long Bioware expects us to wait for content that should have been made available at launch, especially so considering that their latest statement on the subject did not concede that point.

I have no clue why people seem to be quoting me as fact, though.
Same gender romance/flirt options have been confirmed for Rise of the Hutt Cartel and beyond, per Jeff Hickman's State of the Blog #2. Players are more than welcome to express their opinions about this, but please do so while being respectful of each other.

...There you go. RotHC is how long they expect you to wait. At which point SGR options become available. Whether it should have been made available at launch is a matter of your opinion and nothing more.

Of course the first message in this thread says stay civil, and notice how some of the regulars in this thread can't seem to stay civil to anyone who doesn't agree 100% with them on what has happened, what should happen, or how it could/should happen?

I find that interresting too.