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@Kabolt, fair enough, although I guess that's pretty specific to that one encounter.
Exactly, every fight is different.

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I was more referring to fights in general, especially ones with lots of mobs. The opening fight in FE comes to mind. I've pugged that fight a lot as a dps, as a healer, and as a tank. My personal takeway was that I always wanted to save my taunts for later.
Best to ask your group to mark there own CC, that way you know who has what, personally I never start a trash fight with a taunt. Also I often just ask the group to wait till I start the fight, doesn't always work but can help.

I like to CC a sith, then I'll move back 20+ meters and pull the sith to me, that's him out of the fight for a whole minute, usually the whole fight. Then moving into the group while cloaked will start the fight.
At this point just let the group dictate the fight, if they start an aoe attack, just use mass taunt to pull the mobs into the circle. If they start melee attacks, take a second to watch which droids if they are not stunned attack the dps, and intervene, all you have to do is raise your threat level, you have ST, FB, Pro and (TKT- only use every 3 stack of HS ) or it's wasted and these are your ranged weapons. The saber attacks have a 4m range on them, so you don't need to be right beside your target.

As a rule, or in my opinion, you should always start with the biggest threat, usually a droid, always turn the droid from the group, if the other droid is loose, stun or MC him, switching from target to target does not loose you aggro.

I order to complete your rotations correctly, you do not need to be focused on one target, you can use Pro on one target and ST on another, while using FB on your primary target, the tab key is your friend here.
I love to be cheeky, if an add moves toward the healer, I'll wait till he gets there, then pull him back, depending what's on CD I'll often just let them start to move back to the healer, then throw a couple of boulders at the back of his head, It always hurts them and fun to watch.

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A shadow tank has strong aoe opening as far as pulling aggro, but there are a lot of mobs to deal with. As a healer, I've been put in a bad way MANY times during that fight. One or two hits before the tank pulls the mob back isn't a problem. Being chased by one of the Sith while three ranged mobs firing at me from the back IS.
Every fight is different, The healer in my book should always take priority, in extreme cases, I have seen myself moving to the healers side to dps and pull the adds off the healer, but that's really bad crowd control, unless you pull more than one group at a time, things should never get that bad.

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Sure, you can point fingers at the dps, but if your taunts aren't on CD, you've got the perfect tool to fix the situation.

I would be hard pressed to recommend to new Shadow tanks to use the taunt at the beginning of any fight. I'm glad it works out for you, but generally speaking, taunts are such a valuable tool in the Shadow's repertoire that in almost every case it is better served later on.
I would always recommend that they try different things, my build is different from yours and the problem with new tanks is the build is continually changing, so you need to learn what works best for yourself in a given situation. and progress with that.

Learn and understand your own limitations, not others.