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Greetings, dear Star Wars community,

i just hit 50 with my Jedi Guardian. It is not my first toon on 50, so i can say, that this class - compared to my other toons - gives me some headache and you might be able to help me a lot.
I am mainly a full time pvper (meaning i like to play pvp more then other ingame activities, not that i play 20 hours a day)

In sub 50 PVP i tried out a lot of different specs and ended up with a 31 - 0 - 8 spec. This was the only spec i felt usefull for my team. I was getting used to deal less then 50k total damage in an average match but i survived long enough to defend a voidstar door or an alderan turret long enough till reinforcements arrive.
On the other hand i start getting dscontent with the role of usualy being the low end of the pvp achievemnt list and it feels kinda sad, to experience the own attacks to be rather negelagiable on the enemys health bar.

What i am trying to say is, that i havent found my final specialization yet. But now i am at a point where i have to spend my stockpiled warzone commendations on some war hero gear. So i am looking for gear that is equaly useful for a dps and a tank spec.
The question is: What gear should i go for?
I read a lot on the forums and studied some guides who adviced to avoid the "+crit" attribute. Others stated, vindicater armor i the thing to go, even for a tank spec:

What do you tink about the idea, going 4 piece Vindicator (4 piece bonus), one piece war leader - and bulkwork earpiece/implants?

Any help is appreciated. I apologize for my imperfect english. I am a non native.

Thanks in advance!