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BiS for all DPS are the Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages and:

Internal Proc Relic if you use tech damage.

Elemental Proc Relic if you use force damage.

Of course, the Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages would diminish if you don't use it on CD, but if you aren't skilled enough to learn to use it on CD, you probably have bigger issues to tackle first. My suggestion would to bind your relic/adrenals and other buffs you use in burst phases (Explosive Fuel, vent heat, recklessness, etc...) to the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys so it is easy to pop them at once when they align. Its also nice to organize your burst CD's in one place, because they often don't share the same CD's

Ya as a slinger I hate trying to use the activate relic during boss fights like in TfB where I have to get up and move over and over (thus losing a lotta the activate phase bonuses)
Advice: You don't have to use it immediately when it comes off cooldown. Use it in situations in which you will be able to be a turret. You can afford to keep it on CD for a few seconds while you have to move. It is rare that you will miss using the relic an additional time, because you waited a few seconds before using it. Being a great DPS is about knowing the rhythm of the fights and knowing when the best time to use your cooldowns.
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