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Myself and my two kids started playing SWTOR a few weeks ago, love the game. Problem is EA doesn't seem to want our money. After buying subscriptions and a few cartel coins,all of a sudden they wont accept my Visa card because we're using it on three accounts. But wait it gets better.
So I rang EA in USA (from Australia) to address the Visa issue and after waiting a total of about 30 minutes I was told the Visa issue would be resolved in 3 hours.That was 2 days ago and our Visa still didn't work. But there's MORE!
I decided to use our travel mastercards but they still didn't work!
We all feel your pain bro... Living in far away countries (NZ for me) and calling them for a ridiculous price and to get nothing solved sucks. On the bright side they didn't blame you or your bank thus making you call them.